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About me

I'm an avid world builder with a passion for telling stories with other gamers. Everything is ready, now we just need some awesome heroes. We ship out on game day! After 40 years of running D&D games as a hobby, I'm taking the plunge and "going pro" as a DM. I may be new here at StartPlaying, but I've run thousands of game sessions of D&D and many other RPGs, nearly all with homebrewed adventures, or original campaign settings. Although I mostly run D&D (We all love 5E!) I also have a published science fiction setting which I run using Savage Worlds. (Prowlers & Paragons version coming soon!) When I'm not gaming, I enjoy reading science fiction, listening to trip hop, arguing with my cat, and drinking cuba libres. Sarcasm is my second language. My familiar's name, btw, is Rags.

GM style

I run collaborative, character-oriented campaigns using my own original settings. I work with my players to incorporate their backstories into the setting, and use their stories as the main plot points for the campaign. The result is (hopefully!) a strongly role-play oriented game, with action, intrigue and exploration added to taste. I prefer stories about *heroic* characters. (Not so much edge-lords or murderhobos.) I run stories about worlds in crisis and the people fighting to save them, or at least make them better places to live. I use Rules As Written for my games, with a few exceptions. I only make a house rule when it's necessary to fix a problem with the written rules. I prefer to use Roll20 for D&D, and Astral Tabletop for my Prowlers & Paragons games. (Although Astral will be shutting down soon.) I use Discord for voice (and video if desired) for all my online games.


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