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Hey there! I'm Duø a professional dungeon master of 4 years with over 10k + hours of experience, and over 1k+ games hosted! My story begins one night hanging out with my friends on a discord group call, they were telling me about this new amazing D&D stream they had found. In the same breath as their passionate re-imagining of the most recent session of it, they sent me a link to "Critical Role" and from that point forward the rest was history. At that point I was instantly hooked and immersed into the concept of D&D and what it can truly become. I've always had a rather intense imagination but nothing to really channel it on, but with D&D I'm able to bring people along amazing adventures with stories and memories that truly last a lifetime. My goal when I sit down and host a game is for people to have fun and get lost in the shared story that we all work to build, each player adding something special to the mix. My background in theatre helps with acting, my talent for voice acting along with the use of vocal modulators only serves to further increase the range of voices and character's I'm able to achieve. From angels to demons, aberrant horrors from the void and even to that random magic item shop keep that you visit passing through town all have some unique and varied twist on how they sound and present themselves. My drive as a DM is to create a fun, immersive and unforgettable experience for every player at the table. This all starting at character creation where I personally sit down with each individual player and help them create a character that feels like they truly live and breathe in whatever world they're about to embark in. When you join my game(s), you're not only joining a game of D&D but a supportive and inclusive community welcoming to all people of all backgrounds, with a shared love and passion for all things Dungeons and Dragons. If you would like to see my hours played on Roll20 here is the link:

GM style

I'm a roleplay centric DM with a focus on storytelling, and character-driven stories. With a world-feel of a sandbox where you get to pick and choose the direction of your story and campaign. Every player has their personal story, and every campaign has their overarching plots and story, something the player's must solve. I'm a firm believer of the concept of a "living world" the pieces you leave behind always can grow into something more which further builds upon your story. The villains don't just sit around and twiddle their doomsday weapons in their hands waiting for you to show up and fight them. No, the antagonists of my world and games think like the player's do, they're cunning and tactile which only serves to make them feel more like a real threat. Which makes the feeling of triumph deserved and rewarding, because...that villain really did just try to just kill you with every ounce of conviction they could find. My DM-style revolves around making the player feel truly immersed in the game and having their character feel like a part of a living, breathing world. With player's decisions impacting their campaign direction and potentially the world. My current line of Escaris games are all ran in a shared world, complete with a calendar and various events that happen in one campaign which impact the others. This serves to create a sense of interconnectedness within the community as lore drops for different games potentially occur during a different game. That's set in a different section of the world entirely, but some of the lore that's found retains relevance to other games. As each game explores the world of Escaris they get to experience the wonder and excitement that comes with unearthing new lore alongside others. If it be in their game, or in a separate one entirely.

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