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Chris Karamian
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About me

I must have taken the Jack of All Trades feat at birth. I'm a DM, musician, martial artist, IT man, teacher, cleaner, grower and most importantly a husband, father and friend! In 2014 I created a long, tabletop campaign of my own using the rules of 5e D&D within the universe of the Elder Scrolls video games. I am a lover of the lore of the Elder Scrolls and have done my utmost to keep my storyline true to the historical events of Tamriel. Whether with the assistance of maps or not, my preference is to run my games over Discord or Google Hangouts. I also use Tabletop Simulator, as this provides great visual aids and models. I am available to run sessions online any time of day. I haven't been a player for a few years now, but when I was I was heavy on the voice acting and melodrama! So pretty much just like I am in normal life.

GM style

Variety is very important in my game. Some sessions we spend the entire time charming our way into a Nordic Jarl's feast, while the following week we end up running the bloody gauntlet of a Dwemer Ruin. I use a variety of media along with some outside the box challenges to keep my players engaged and invested in the story arc, with far-reaching side-quests tailored to the individuals. My plot is deeply rooted in the lore, with many characters and references that fans of the games will know and love.


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