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About me

I am a 30 year D&D veteran and Forever-DM for my friends and family. I have many, many books for 5th edition and access to just about every published module on D&D Beyond (and I'll take requests too if given a little time to read/prepare). While I'm willing to run any modules/campaigns out there, my passion is in my own homebrew world called Korentil (google it), which I've been developing for over 30 years with a fully fleshed out world history and canon which I fill with the adventures of my players over the years in a sort of never-ending story. I also draw many of my own world and battle maps. My strongest asset is my ability to improvise, which gives me the ultimate freedom in running my games in that I will follow my party along whatever storyline they want to go on. I have a vivid imagination and am able to pivot quickly from my script to accomodate whatever direction the party wants to take. I am an expert linguist, and use my cunning linguistic abilities in my descriptions to create immersive scenes for my players. I build NPCs into meaningful characters that your PCs will love, hate, or anything in between by their actions. I portray a living world to my players, and give them the clay from which to mold their grand adventures! Another of my strengths is my ability to DM for larger groups than others. 4-6 players is ideal and allows me to craft individualized story arcs which I incorporate into the campaign. The largest group of players I've effectively DM'd for was 12 players - although I'll admit the individual attention had to scale back to more group-oriented story arcs. In general, I would like to run my games on Fridays for maximum availability on my time, but I can run games on Sundays as well. Oh! and I almost forgot - I do NPC voices! Some of them are cringey, but darn if they aren't fun! :D I think that's about it! I hope you'll give me a chance and I look forward to helping you create your next great adventure!

GM style

I am a great storyteller and use a broad range of language and styles to help the party build a story. I do character voices, some of which are actually good, and I also love a good combat. I play using the principle that the monsters know what they are doing, and I always consider my NPCs ability scores before they do something (i.e. would this bandit know the PCs can do X?). I'm a descriptive DM and I love to experiment with different styles to find what modality best fits my audience.

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