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About me

I've been DMing for nearly 30 years across multiple systems and editions. I am a professional voice actor and lend these talents to the characters and NPCs in the games I host. I prefer and specialize in 3.5 & Pathfinder 1E core, or with homebrew spiced rules. If you want to play some authentic Dark Sun or Planescape faithfully updated to the 3.5/Pathfinder rules set then you're in for an epic adventure! I'll also run whatever game or system you'd like.

GM style

Whether you want to dive into a no-holds barred insane Rick&Morty death dungeon fest DMed by Rick Sanchez himself in costume, or be brought to the deserts of Dark Sun, I'll immerse you with all my years of dungeon mastering and professional voice acting talents. A 3.5 old-school DM of more than 30 years. Oldschool, newschool, D20 Fallout? All that and more! Ask and you shall receive. I like to focus on story and character driven RP and drive players to think outside the box and treat the game like a fantasy adventure simulation rather than simply a game. I also will change my style and attitude to suit the specific system, module or Campaign setting that I'm running. I'll never tell you: "No you can't do that." I'll find a way to have you roll something, or a series of somethings so you can try. And ya'know what? you can always crit, and that's a %5 chance on a D20, so at least once every 20 times you might pull off something great.


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