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Andrew William Aboulkheir

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Highly rated for: Sets the Mood, Storytelling, Inclusive

About me

To explore the soul is my MO. To bring out what you can't in a world that constantly keeps us down is my aim. But more importantly, to bring the fun and hope to keep you going in these tough times. Hi, I am Andrew, an avid fan of tabletop games from card games to party games, but right now, I'm all about TTRPG's. Specifically, I've been incredibly entrenched in the most recent edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition for its simplicity and freedom in exploring my playstyle and telling grand and small tales alike, all epic no matter who you are. I have been playing it since its playtesting phase and have had an immense amount of fun with it. Now I hope to bring that fun to your table. I am a very flexible DM, keeping the rules to maintain balance but bending them ever so slightly to allow freedom of customization and to help the players feel awesome with their characters. I am definitely the "rule of cool" kind of guy, but more important to me than being cool is that we run a safe space for everyone to play the game they want. I want players to feel open and secure to play the characters they want without judgment. In this way, I can help bring the best possible experience for everyone. I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

Open to a wide range of playstyles. I can run crunchy, wargaming sessions, dungeon delvers, RP sessions, and more. I lean towards character-driven games when it comes to storytelling. I enjoy attempting to give silly and serious voices to character NPC's to add a little flavor to the story. Another little thing I like to do is add background ambience and/or music to help the players immerse themselves deeper in the game. I also love to homebrew things to help my players feel more unique and tailor-made to match their vision, but I am perfectly ok with leaving homebrew materials out of a game. In terms of settings, I am mainly in the Forgotten Realms settings. However, I am perfectly capable of running games in other settings such as Ravenloft, Eberron, Ravnica, etc.


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