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About me

Grab a hot drink, a seat around the fire, and listen to my cowboy song. Experienced GM/DM/ST for roughly 30 years. I have run hundreds of games over multiple systems. I have learned, in that time, that it is the players' story and I am just here to facilitate that experience and make it run smoothly and be as entertaining as possible. I see game rules as a way to keep on track and involved...I never let them get in the way of creativity or the group's enjoyment! I came to StartPlaying looking to run some serious and/or seriously fun sessions. My story telling style is light and flows easy. I do not let the mechanics detract from the experience, but use them to enhance the story you want to be told! I understand teaching new systems to new players. I enjoy the experience. We were all new players, or new to a system at one time...and without kind guidance we probably wouldn't still be involved in this amazing pastime! Available for pay-to-play personal(me and you) and also private group sessions, anything from a one-off to a multi-session personalized story lasting 6 months or more... Roll well and see you around!

GM style

Matching styles with systems: -Want Heavy Story and Political Power Moves.....Vampire 5th -Want Hack-n-Slash and Dungeon Crawls.............DnD5e -Want Wild West Shoot-outs and Saloon Tales.....Boot Hill/Deadlands -Want Fun, Fast Paced, and Light Hearted............ Kids on Bikes or Ghostbusters I can run a variety of games and stories to fill the void in your gaming life! I prefer most of my "story" based sessions to be Theater of the Mind although battle maps etc. are used as needed. Obviously, games like BattleTech or DnD needs more maps etc.

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