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About me

For twelve summers I have slung spell and sword while travelling to far off forgotten realms, visiting planes of magic and chaos. I have seen what the multiverse has to offer those who dare seek it. Join me and together we will find glory and adventure where ever we may roam. Hello all. I am Prof. Slinger I have been a forever DM for about ten years and player of Dungeons and Dragons since 3rd Edition. My favorite settings are Eberron and Ravenloft. Gothic horror and noir story telling are my absolute favorites but I do dabble in just about everything.

GM style

I love roleplay and I am an aspiring voice artist so I will do the voices. I like to mix a sandbox world and narrative driven quests, with collaborative storytelling. Player agency is a critical part of the fun we have at my table. Your characters matter and have an impact on the world we build together. Flying by the seat of my pants I tend towards high flying adventure where the rule of Cool is a reign that will never be toppled. Action sequences in combat will get viscerally descriptive and stylized. Combat should be exciting and it should draw you in with the swift swing of every sword and cacophonous blast of every spell.


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