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About me

Hey Everyone! I've been running RPGs for about 12 years now, including 5e, Pathfinder, and various Star Wars RPGs. I aim to run friendly, inclusive games in which everyone feels welcome. I'm available for one-shots, short adventures, or full campaigns in any of the systems listed below. I can do published modules or custom games, depending on party preference. I have access to a wealth of material, and what I don't have I can probably get, so don't be shy about asking for something that's not on the list. I'm currently looking to expand my repertoire of games, so if you're wanting to try out a new system, hit me up. I'm always happy to learn something new!

GM style

My GMing style is best described as Player-Focused. I like to tailor the experience of the game to the group I'm playing with. In my experience, there's good fun to be had and great stories to be told with any game, and any character, and any perspective. I like to sit down with all my players before we begin any game to gauge their ideal experience, and weave those desires and expectations into the story and the world we're going to be exploring. I'm all about making sure that everyone around the table is having a good time. Sometimes that means bending to allow for the rule of cool, sometimes that means playing the dice as they fall. My favorite parts of a game are creating a unique shared narrative, exploring the intricacies of fictional worlds, and making memorable moments, both in- and out-of character. The most important part of any game is that everyone is enjoying themselves, which means that any game I run has an absolute code of respect for other players and other people at all times.


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