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About me

Greetings, adventurers! Step into the Dragon's Lair and I go by the nickname Japes. I’m a fan of TTRPGs in their many guises, both as a player and GM. Its since 2020 that I’ve been GMing online. A few years before that, my daughter started her A levels (UK exams and is now at Uni) and I had more time to devote to crafting these game worlds. One game on Rol20 turned into many and some of those players are still at the table, having now played in a few campaigns. Dyslexia rules KO here, as does a dry sense of humour. I do trip over words when reading monologues, so instead prefer to role-play the info giving. I can't wait to take the helm as your GM in our next adventure. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

GM style

I feel your characters story and the role play, make the adventure and in turn this makes a truely memorable time. Your character will have to navigate the twists and turns of the adventure and I love it when its done with ‘panache’. With the adventures I expand the storyline beyond the written words. This often starts with how you the players interact with NPCs and situations. Should you walk away from the storyline, alls good and we'll come back to it later. Something I really enjoy, is working on game maps., When they're B&W I’ll redraw them with colour assets which give them some living depth. I've got some examples in my discord server as to how much difference it makes. In game I walk the line between rules and having fun. Using the intended framework while leaving room for your creativity, so don't hesitate to pitch that 'big brain' idea. All players, regardless of ethnic, LGBT+ or other backgrounds (I'll add here that my daughter is part of the LGBT+ community), is warmly welcomed to this table. The only requirement is a shared respect for everyone, as we are here to have a blast. So embrace your creative side and be that Fairy Barbarian, Firbolg Monk or Orc Paladin you've always wanted to be!

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