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About me

Tabletop games hooked me hard as soon as I started playing them, now over a decade ago. Ever since then it has become such an important part of my life, I'm excited to share it with more and more people! My background and education is in Film and Digital Arts, and my hobbies have long included acting, reading, and gaming. I've come to really enjoy online tabletop gaming as a unique and exciting experience. The process of designing unique maps and encounters, the blending of music and art. It combines my favorite parts of making a movie with the joy of watching a movie someone else has written! I see myself as a guide and stage designer, not the director of a movie. I use a mixture of homebrew and prewritten content. I like pulling well done pre-made content, and then customizing it so that my players enjoy it to their fullest. I am also currently working on writing some of my adventures and classes to try and publish in my spare time. All of my games are a safe space for players of all races, genders, identities, and religions. All players are welcome at my table as long as they show respect for myself and their fellow players. I've run tabletop RPGs for players of all levels of skill and even technical expertise. If its your first time playing I can happily walk you through the basics and get you ready for online role playing. If it's your hundredth time playing I can offer a unique and exciting experience like you've never had before! Most importantly, I have fun if my players have fun! I look forward to taking people on their next adventure!

GM style

I enjoy story driven games, and using combat as a piece of the story. Not necessarily the purpose or consequence of it. I enjoy giving my players down time inside the game so that they have more opportunity to drive the world and create their own adventures inside of it. I despise white room combat with multiple turns in a row of "I stand still and hit him with my sword," and intentionally design my games to avoid this. As a result roleplay, ingenuity, and teamwork is always rewarded at my table. This means I encourage players to find solutions that even I didn't expect! Maybe you avoided combat all together, made an alliance, or maybe you smoked the bandits out of their cave. I love discussing character ideas, whether it be the mechanical crunch, helping discuss backstory or fleshing out the personality, or even trying to plan some sort of arc. I do make myself available outside of sessions for these kinds of discussions at no additional charge. (Within reason, I do have a life!)

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