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About me

Hello future Adventurers, Trailblazers, Heros, and Assholes! I'm the DM Double I'd I love to interest you in my homebrewed world of Xari. Many groups of adventures have made their lasting and legendary mark on this world over the last 5 years and I'm hoping that you too will leave your legacy as well. I run a high magic/high technology type of game where the world is rich with powerful allies and enemies alike. If you so choose I would absolutely love to integrate your characters backstory into the world, and see your character grow from any idea to a fully fledged individual that is completely their own person. I am a LGBTQ+ friendly DM and will treat all my players equally and fairly. I currently run three other games, one online that has been going on for a year, another is a podcast that will be recording its 30th episode soon, and lastly an in person group with a group of former roommates that is an absolute blast.

GM style

Here are some quotes from some of my current players all of which are in multiple games of mine. "Narrative and Assistive" - Fire Genasi Armorer Artificer "Traumatizing" - Trition Knowledge Cleric "Fair and Balanced, yet with high-stakes and room for levity" - Tiefling Eloquence Bard I personally enjoy heavy roleplaying games, sprinkled in with combat and exploration. I do have a small repertoire of voices that I will use for varying NPCs. I also keep to the rules as intended as much as possible, though I really enjoy the flair for doing rule of cool occasionally. The thing I look forward to the most in any game I run is telling a story with the players.


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