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About me

πŸ“œ Heya! I love role playing when a group comes together to interactively create an amazing, epic story. Setting the stage is my role and I dive in with gusto. Driving the story is your role and my hope is that we can keep each other inspired to do so. I really enjoy weaving in your backstories and creating opportunities for the party to come together and help each other be their best. Oh, and if we aren't laughing our butts off periodically, we are definitely doing something "wrong". πŸ˜† ⏳ I have players who joined me early in the pandemic and are still gaming with me for almost 3 years now. I started playing D&D very early on, DMed for over a decade, and then took a hiatus. I came to 5E in April of 2020 after watching/donating to a charity D&D game with Felicia Day and The Guild cast being DMed by Amy Vorpahl (@vorpahlsword).

GM style

πŸ€— My tables are inclusive and respectful. We are also super inclusive, neurodivergent friendly, and embrace helping players that are new to the game. Role playing is for everyone (expect the jerks 🀣) πŸ“– Very narrative driven, I like to try and have you try different things. For instance, rather than use flanking, try to narrate something cinematic (like swinging from a chandelier) to get advantage on an attack. Negotiate with the bad critters, charm the wolves and try to turn them into companions. Or just stabby-stab, sometimes that works best. While I'm very good and am planning a happy Strixhaven/Candlekeep/Golden Vault mashup for players who are done with the "defeat the big bad villain" trope, I also have a serious side and am about to start a grime/horror Tomb of Annihilation game. 🎭 I love vibrant NPCs and you will likely come away with fond memories of quite a few. My favourite is "Granny", a spur of the moment NPC invented when a character knocked on a random door. It turns out Granny is a mead-loving, retired pirate captain of the ice-locked Dark Duchess in Rime of the Frostmaiden. When the party restored the flow of product from Good Mead, Captain Morgantha made them honorary members of her crew and revealed the location of her vessel. Oh, and I try voices, but I'll mess them up. You might even giggle when I do! πŸ—ΊοΈ I support a lot of artists and use their beautiful maps, tokens, and effects in Owlbear to create an experience that is not only narratively engaging but visually stunning. πŸ’• Let's create some memorable, funny, emotional stories together.


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