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About me

Heya! My name is Brandon, though everyone online calls me Dok. I'm currently a senior in college doing a biology degree, and I'm personally pretty average in that regard otherwise. I'm a veteran of TTRPGs, both running and playing for about 15 years now. I got my start with some old 1st edition D&D books my father gave me when I was 12. Nowadays, I run all sorts of stuff on a regular basis, ranging from staples like D&D 5E to Call of Cthulhu to more obscure systems like All Flesh Must be Eaten. I fancy myself as quite personable, and I'm always LGBTQ+ friendly. My preferred method for communications is Discord, and I normally use Roll20 as a VTT, though i am attempting to branch out and learn other VTTs at this time as well. Thanks for giving me a look!

GM style

I try my best to adjust to what my players like to see. Want a long, episodic story with lots of drama? No problem! Want to stack monster bodies and grab all the treasure you can carry? You got it! Having said that, roleplay is what I consider myself best at, and what I enjoy most. Writing stories in all sorts of fantastical worlds with interesting characters is what gives me life, and what drew me into the world of TTRPGs in the first place. I'm currently trying to improve on doing character voices! I tend to prefer light-to-medium in terms of mechanics but am trying to learn some of the more 'crunchy' systems as well. I usually favor the 'rule of cool' and Rules as Intended over strict RAW interpretation of systems. Regardless of anything else, my players feeling included and having fun is 100% always my priority number one!


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