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About me

Hey there, I'm Doc, and I firmly believe in the power of good stories. When I GM, I try my dangdest to create experiences for players that are immersive, inclusive, and inspiring, because when you leave the "table" after a great game, it sticks with you forever. I still tell stories about the time I've spent as a player and GM on streamed actual-plays and in person, and I hope you will too. I've worked as a writer and playtester, and get so much joy out of streaming games with friends and talented roleplayers. I'm currently working on modules for several systems, as well as system-agnostic resources to plug into your home games. But one thing I really love? Introducing someone to TTRPGs for the first time. So invite a friend, expect the unexpected, and get ready to follow where adventure leads!

GM style

What I do: šŸŽ¬ - Cinematic storytelling - Games that feel big, beautiful and bold šŸ¤£ - Humor - I love laughter at the table, and it happens a lot šŸ’” - Feelings - I love depth too! Moments that give you the feels šŸ—£ - Silly NPC voices - But I won't promise they're good ones šŸŽ¶ - Music, ambience, maps and tokens - A curated environment to pull you deeper into the story šŸ³ā€šŸŒˆ - A safe and welcoming table - You belong here - Queer? Neurodivergent? Disabled? Yo, me too. BIMPOC? I'm not, but I love you and want to provide a safe and fun place to play! šŸ†• - Beginner-friendly games - If I taught my own kids how to play, I can teach you. And I'm happy to do it! šŸ¦ŗ - Safety Tools - to ensure that the content you'll find here is what you feel comfortable with šŸ’— - Kindness - Always and always. The world is a hard place, so let's make our game a kind one What I don't do: šŸ“ - Stress over rules - they're great until they're not. The story comes first. šŸ‘Ž - Make someone feel bad for not knowing something āŒ - Tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other toxic stuff šŸ“– - Spoil the ending


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