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About me

I have been playing or running a game of D&D just about every week for the past 5 years because I love what happens when people come together to tell an epic tale of adventure. In addition to a handful of beginner-oriented sessions, I have run two long-term homebrew campaigns. My first campaign ran for 37 sessions, and my second campaign has run for 25 sessions so far. I may not know everything there is to know about the game, but I know this: You and your friends want to see your characters do awesome things, and I want to be there to keep the rules from getting in your way. I am currently branching out from D&D and learning a couple of other games systems that emphasize group storytelling elements over tactical combat: I find that "13th Age" is very close to D&D, but more streamlined and with strong features that inspire improvised storylines, while "Tears of a Machine" is significant departure, both in terms of content and mechanics--as it dispenses with both the fantasy setting and the d20.

GM style

Beginner friendly. I do my very best to help players get into character, learn rules, and find ways for everyone to contribute to the adventure. I strive to create conflicts that are compelling, design encounters that are dynamic and flavorful, and encourage creative solutions to challenging problems. It's more fun when adventurers do what is most exciting (or funny) in a given situation, rather than what would be most prudent. It's not like I am looking for an excuse to kill off your character. Taking a bold action, however, does not guarantee success--and that's okay. Occasional setbacks make for a more engaging adventure. Because elements of humor and mystery are what keep me coming back for more as a player, I always try to incorporate them into the games that I run. Roleplaying is the heart of any RPG, and the only way to get better at it is to practice. So, what's your motivation?

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