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DnD William

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Knows the Rules, Sets the Mood

About me

DnDWilliam Veteran/Pro GM I've been running Dungeons and Dragons games for over 4 years. I invest a lot of time in every single game I undertake as it's a passion of mine. You'll always see me prepared and also evolving my sessions to make it better and better. Reading about new interesting API script, finding music for the mood, including photo shopped art and custom token to increase immersion. Every session I DM, adventure books or homebrew, I create my own content within those stories. I edit stats block, create unique actions to make the scene more cinematic and unique. Even if you've played an adventure book before, you'll still get a fresh experience that wouldn't find anywhere else. Rule as Fun is always prioritized over Rule as Written. Of course the rules are important but even Jeremy Crawford from Wizard of the Coast encourage D&D session to be played with fun in mind over any written rules. I always consider the rules before taking a decision. I encourage my players to be creative and involved in the session, showing me, the DM, that they're enjoying themselves and gives me food for thoughts and motivate further. Roleplaying is highly encouraged. Even if you're a beginner, you may join my session. My first and most important mission will always for the players to have fun and enjoy themselves at my table. I'll always speak with players privately after a session if there's any issue. Players having fun is a serious responsibility for me. Once we're done with session, I'm convinced you'll be excited for the next one and will remember a few key moments long after our campaign is over.

GM style

My style is as follow : - Serious - Gruesome/realistic (Fantasy'esque) - Blood/Gore/18+ - Goofing around is kept to a minimum but allowed to a small degree. - IC 85% | OOC 15% - Homebrew most of my work - Tailor-made Weapons/Armors/Item to Player Character needs/backstory - Photoshop and animation for immersion :

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