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About me

Hello humanity, I'm Dungeon Master Evans, and this is DnD For the Family! I am a full-time Dungeon Master, and I'm excited to bring learners of all ages to my table. One of my greatest joys is teaching people how to have fun playing Dungeons & Dragons with their friends and family. I specialize in teaching new players the rules of D&D, and teaching new Dungeon Masters the ropes of running D&D. I also love running games for players of different ages and experiences. I started by running games for my family, where we have players from ages 7 to 70+ adventuring at the same table. I've since run over 100 games across several campaigns. I have been playing for over 5 years as a Dungeon Master, and I currently teach and run games for younger learners on I'm excited to have a platform where I can run games for families and adults!

GM style

Dungeon Master Style: I try to evenly blend aspects of exploration, social interaction, and combat into my games, while making tweaks to appeal to the gaming styles and preferences of my players. I love tactical combat, and I reward clever thinking inside and outside of fighting. Player Character death is never an objective, but those who act foolishly in the game could very well find that there are consequences for which they are not prepared. I expect all players to do their best to know their spells, feats, and abilities, although I am happy to offer help. Game-Play Method: I run a mix of modules and homebrew. I like to run games that explore the themes of Epic Fantasy: High Good vs Evil, fate-of-the-world type settings. I play mid-magic settings (pretty much anything in a D&D sourcebook is in the world somewhere). Players connect to a campaign on, and then roll dice through their character sheets so we can all see the results. I share a player feed from my Virtual Tabletop (Fantasy Grounds Unity) on the Zoom feed so everyone can see maps and images. I don't expect players to connect to Fantasy Grounds, I use it as a visual aide. Player Characters: I like to have my players connect to a campaign through D&D Beyond so we can all roll dice together. I will accept anything from any 5e source book, but I will not run a homebrew PC. I appreciate players that care about their backstories, and I work to integrate those aspects into the larger framework of games and campaigns I run. I expect players to make decisions in the game based off of their PC's perspective, not their own, and I dislike open metagaming at the table. I expect Players to build a Player Character that has a reason to support the team and a solid motivation be on the mission. Table Expectations and Goals: I believe that D&D should be fun, and that everyone at the table deserves to have fun. I believe all players are responsible for trying their best to make sure the other players are having fun. I like running for groups that have a team mindset, and who care about the well-being of the party. I do not allow PvP, except for some very specific and safe circumstances. Even then, PvP would be limited, consensual, and non-lethal. Everyone at the table is expected to promote and protect a safe and respectful gaming experience.


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