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About me

Hey! My name is Todd, and I'm a Professional Dungeon Master! I've been Tabletop Role-playing for 20+ years, starting with good ol' 2nd Edition D&D. I've dabbled in voice acting, studied psychology, practiced writing, and my interests all seem to wrap themselves up into a Dungeon Master gumball of goodness somehow. If you're a Critical Role fan, we'll have a lot to talk about! I lean towards the narrative and character driven type of game that one might see run by Matt Mercer. For a peak at my gaming style, check out the snippet of gameplay in the link below: I hope to have you at my digital table, and I can't wait to meet you and your character!

GM style

What do I bring to the table? A desire to tell a collaborative story with my players. I want to explore YOUR story! We'll work together to tie your backstory into the narrative, making it a personalized experience where everyone can shine! I also want to provide a safe space for everyone to be themselves and have fun without feeling judged or apprehensive. We're all here to create lasting memories with friends! When looking at the three pillars of D&D - Role-play, Exploration, Combat - I prioritize them in the order listed. That's not to say my games don't see their fair share of combat. After all, how else are we going to slay some evil liches? But I do enjoy engaging the players in regular in-character conversations, and I encourage the players to role-play with one another as well. Music is a must! I will have music playing for every scene, setting the mood as I see appropriate. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Also, if you'd like to talk over voice/video chat to see if we mesh before committing to the game, I'm happy to make the time! Discord: @DMToddBloom#3516


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