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About me

Hey, I'm Tyler! Thanks for checking out my profile. I have exclusively run 5e D&D games for about 6 years now, using "Theatre of the Mind," which is just a cool way of saying everything is done in our heads! My style of DMing is very much comedic and improvisational. Read below for more info on how I run my games!

GM style

Here's a bit about how I like to run D&D: I want my players to tell me what they want to do, and my job is to tell you what to roll to make it happen. I want my players to feel like they can do anything, and put their fate in the dice! Some crazy and fun things have happened in my games, such as letting a spectral steed climb a tree, or convincing two adolescent dragons to enjoy a romantic picnic on a hillside. I've been known to bend a rule or two; as long as my players are having fun, I'm doing my job! That being said, if you're reliant on visual aids, or you are a rules lawyer, you might not enjoy my games.


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