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About me

Hello everyone! I am DM Salsa, and I want to run awesome tabletop RPGs for you and a group of friends! My journey into this hobby began in 2003 with the release of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition, the box set of which was my birthday present that year. Even before then, I was a lover of roleplaying (remember when we used to play pretend outside as kids? yeah...) - dramas and narratives were deeply special things to me, a lens into all of the magic and wonder that is often missing from the real world. D&D was the perfect tool to help immerse myself and my friends into all of those things we loved through the fantasy genre, and soon, other games began to draw our attention as well. Over the years, and much time spent mastering these games, and through the inevitable change that life brings, I fell out of the hobby for a time. And then, I discovered roll20. People were playing D&D, and all those other classic RPGs I had fallen in love with - ONLINE?! It's been all gas and no breaks in the hobby world for me since the day of that discovery, and I see no end to this road!

GM style

First and foremost, the most important element of any RPG to me is in the first two letters of the acronym; Role Playing. That isn't to say the other aspects of a game are sidelined, though! I love combat, of course. The harder, the more vicious and visceral, the better! Exploration, discovery, and learning of the worlds my players occupy is also a major component of my satisfaction in GMing. I like to leave the impression that the places and people our players see are living, breathing places - each with their own unique histories and stories to tell, and fates to unfold. I love working with creative and ambitious players who can work stories all their own within the narratives presented to them; of course, things don't always go as planned - whether by the players, or by the GM. It's in these moments of uncertainty that we can engage with the most thrilling parts of our hobby; improvisation and drama! There's nothing quite like hurdling off the rails and seeing what boons or consequences it could all sew - that's the most thrilling part of these games for me to GM! The collaborative nature of our hobby is a place of unbridled creativity, and I welcome all types of players who want to flex those creative muscles. I'll do my utmost to get players involved and invested, including the weaving of backstories to the game world, populating NPCs, quests, and items to motivate you and your character to ever greater heights and deeds! Most importantly, I like to make friends with my players, I want them to know that my tables are always a safe place for them to express themselves through characters and RP, and by delivering the highest quality of attention I can muster for our adventures. Oh, also...I do silly voices.


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