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About me

Hi all, I'm just a humble tale spinner, word weaver and seeker of fellow thrill seekers, looking to join me on epic tales through the swirling gothic mountains of ravenloft, to the frozen tundras of Icewind Dale and beyond! I have been a player and DM for over 10 years now, ever since I started my humble beginnings as a player in university, then graduated on to become a DM as well, getting hooked on running both prewritten and homebrew campaigns alike. I have ran with a variety of players across an array of platforms, most prominently discord, roll20 and the ever so mysterious REAL LIFE setting. There's nothing quite like TTRPG's in the world to me, something I'm sure many fellow fans would agree with! I'm a felxible and consistent DM, and I have a little something for everyone, from the people who like to min max and roll massive amounts of dice with a single attack, to those who just want a simple adventure and a good story told. So come on, grab your dice, your character sheet, (and your back up) and lets go off on an unforgettable journey together!

GM style

I love all aspects of TTRPG's from the role playing, to the number crunching to the stroy telling. I love running social encounters, survival situations and hard core tactical combat. But most of all, I love watching my players react to the world around them, and watching them come together to solve problems, be it in efficient, or very inefficient ways. I am a flexible DM, always willing to listen first, never just saying no without good reason, and always encourage players to think outside the box. I am fair, trustworthy and considerate, and my players fun and comfort is always a priority, where transparency is key in my book. I love it when players ask if they can try something wild, just to see if the dice will let them get away with whatever tactic they are planning. These moments after all, are what bring about some of the most legendary moments in a campaign, be it god like or just straight up goofy!

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