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As a combat veteran, I am no stranger to the necessity of "escape." Dealing with PTSD and depression, I had little outlets that were not in some way self destructive. That was until I began running a D&D game for some friends. I suddenly learned that a lot of my recurring issues had somehow become past tense. There was no other logical conclusion than D&D. So, I wrote the game I run today, "Tales of Corraxah." Using experiences from my time in service, I built a game world inspired by the war torn landscapes of Iraq and Afghanistan. Combining that with five years experience as a comedian and 3 years of studies in psychology, I developed an immersive game environment that is designed to challenge a player's perspective of war, ethics, industry, and their influence on such things. This is a 5e system with easy to learn Homebrewed mechanics that has helped players face down their own personal demons, such as overcoming a fear of spiders or coping with the loss of their father. My goal is to offer players a fun experience that will also challenge their perspective of the nature of things. Until then, brave travelers...

GM style

I am an Ambassador to the players' experience. With that, I try to run as logical a game as I can using some Homebrewed mechanics geared towards creating more realism and tension in an already fantastical world. A couple of these rules include a backpack system for inventory and encumbrance, as well as a 1 and done death save rule. Combat is fast paced, so I will do my utmost to remind my players when they are "on deck" to ensure their preparedness. With that in mind, indecision in a combat scenario can be life or death, so be certain of what you wish to do, or it may cost the party greatly. Role Play is a flexible space for my game. I will do voices and mannerisms for NPCs, but this does not mean I expect it from my players. All i ask, is you remain true to your alignment and background.

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