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I've been playing D&D since it was a paper magazine.. I've been a chef tattoo artist and a 12B in the ARMY, my family and and friends love my in-depth games.. I love working with new players to develop strong characters. Also expieranced players I love to challenge you with more than back and slash, so join a game let's roll the dice and watch out for the Mind Flayer LOL

GM Style

I enjoy players who delve into the rolls of their characters, sticking to your characters alignment and skill sets. This should be fun but serious when playing. I keep all reference material at hand to help players along. Even tho a planned campaign is planned I have materials on hand to work off the fly. With many years under my belt I can pull out many things from my bag of holding. Not your normal hack and slash D&D you must think, you must collaborate together. I include some puzzles and many hints, for newer players I will take time to work with you to understand play. My part as a DM is to insure fair fun play with avid story telling to pull you in. Come join me for a really fun adventure.

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