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About me

Greetings Adventurers! I’m DM Kent and I have been playing and game mastering TTRPGs since the 80s. If you are looking for a dynamic, exciting, table with a solid balance of RP, combat, and pure story, my table is for you! I take great pride in giving every NPC a unique character and voice, and making every combat encounter a chance to prove yourself a hero or die trying. I bring to the table: • All official content from WoTC on D&D Beyond • Games hosted on Foundry VTT • Original maps and 3d flyovers of complex battlegrounds • Soundtracks and audio effects to enhance gameplay I run D&D 5E content including custom made one-shots, official Dungeons and Dragons campaigns like Curse of Straud, Out of the Abyss, and Dragon Heist, as well as adventures in my homebrew world of Doa! I am available to design campaigns either in my homebrew world, or official WoTC worlds, weaving custom backstories and tailoring the experience to the desires of the adventuring party. So, whether you want to mix it up with challenging monsters in a one-shot, or build an epic legacy in a long campaign, come sign up and start your adventure today!

GM style

I believe all three pillars of gameplay are essential to an amazing Dungeons and Dragons game, combat, exploration, and role play. I strive to weave all three into a compelling experience that fits every play style. I love helping new players discover the game. You do not need ANY D&D experience to have a blast at my table. I strive to make role play at the table fun and inclusive, RP is encouraged but never demanded. No matter how crazy your idea is, go ahead and try it! In my campaigns I cater to all types. You want a ten-year history, with NPCs scattered across the world involved in your personal story? Bring it on. Or, would you rather roll a fighter, grab a battle axe and wade into the thick of battle without a care in the world. You got it! No matter what kind of game you are looking for, at my table, fun is the number one priority!

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