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About me

Dear dungeon-crawlers and horror fans, be you newbies or veterans—welcome! I'm Josh, a DM now for 18 years. I'm a published writer and game designer, a theologically-trained literature nerd tutoring SAT and AP! Favorite system: Shadowdark RPG. Favorite setting: Eberron. Favorite genres: Horror and pulp action. I offer an inclusive, queer-friendly, Neutral-aligned gaming environment where we can all have a fun time with spooky adventures, playing characters in mortal peril. After all, I beleive facing the dark is where we can truly find our courage!

GM style

I belive players should PLAY! I run a tightly-managed table with simple rules and clear objectives, so that players can spend more time playing and less time waiting. Bring me your most clever, daring, and outrageous character choices—we'll make it happen! I love tighly-managed dungeon exploration and combat scenarios. I love chaos and improvization as well. I am at my best when my notes are carefully prepared, that way my clever players don't get too far ahead of my evil machinations—and I can pivot to an unforseen path at a moment's notice! I create an immursive enviornments, particularly with my descriptions and characterizations. I don't consider myself much as a character actor, but yes I did take drama classes in college, why do you ask? Characters are welcomed, but no experience is neccessary! You're welcome to put as little or as much thought into your character before you play. I always do my best to incorporate a reasonable ammount of PC backstory into the game. That said, you should be prepared for your character to die a horrible death. My ruling style is generous but even-handed. When I err, I err on the side of the players—becuase when the time comes, my monsters will not hesitate to merc your beloved character. I'm a homebrewer, and I always add my creations to my game. Got a unique character idea? Try me, I'll probably love it.

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