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About me

♦️ Bilingual friendly giant ♦️ Lucky enough to follow my dreams and DM for a living. From big adventures to quiet roleplaying moments, I can adapt myself to the need of players while keeping a cohesive story going. The story takes place in my custom setting and intricately weaves the character's backstories. I've been playing roleplaying games since I was a teen and have grown while guiding my players through action-packed and roleplaying-dense adventures. I strive to ensure every player feels safe and seen during our games. A zero-tolerance policy for any bigotry, and safety tools are in place.

GM style

♦️ Music and maps to fit the scene. ♦️ Stories with a heart and big moral choices. ♦️ Safe environment for absolutely everyone. The main focus of my GMing style is all about you. I want to build your adventure to your needs. I've told countless tales, from grand adventures to political thrillers, always ensuring my players' needs are met. Roleplaying is just, if not more, important than combat, making memorable encounters and touching roleplaying moments. I make my maps to fit our adventure as we explore the vastness of our imagination. A good session for me is when players feel connected to the story and their characters, be it happiness from a job well done or sorrow from a loss during the game. I have experience in acting, drama, and improvisation and have worked in theater on and off in Panama. I bring a certain flair to my games that I hope allows you to fall in love with the rich world we'll play in. Only play safe: safety and content warnings are provided at session zero. We can play in English, Spanish, or Spanglish!


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