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About me

I've been a professional Dungeon Master for 4 years with more than 12,000 hours DMing on roll20. I DM'ed professionally with homeschool teens online (upwards of 16 campaigns per week). I am a 20-year Military Journalist Veteran who wanted to get into voice acting after retirement. Dungeons & Dragons is the perfect fit for me to be able to do as many creature voices as I can on a regular basis. Come try my games if you like: Diversity in your games Dynamic Maps and Visual Aids Roleplaying with others A stress-free environment to spend your free time Listening to others use goofy accents and voices

GM style

I am here for the roleplay! I'm a whimsy-based kind of player and find that feel-good characters reign supreme over edgy, non-speaking types. I do more than 30 hours per week running upwards of 16 campaigns weekly. I have a firm understanding of the rules and which ones need a little more bend to them. I want everyone to have fun, but I don't want to break the game and let anarchy rule. I love roleplay more than combat, but combat has to happen because who doesn't want to see what their new swords and spells do?! I have a lot of fun doing creature voices. I'm better at the giants and dragons, but goblins and halflings are also my way of having fun. Plus, I will botch up every accent I can and you'll almost believe it's a real accent... if the characters were born in Romania and had Italian/Irish parents. I live for Dynamic Maps! I can't stand black & white maps with no detail. I spend a fortune on patreon just so my maps are pleasing to the eye. I use primarily roll20. I spend hundreds of hours tweaking maps so they have more player interactivity.

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