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About me

I have been a professional DM for three years and first got interested in Dungeons and Dragons back in 1994. Most of my experience as a DM is with D&D 5e, including first party, third party (Humblewood, Animal Adventures, and many more), and homebrew. I also have experience with Pathfinder, Starfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Tales of Equestria, and Gurps. I am more than willing to run these and any other system, given enough time to learn the content. I can run custom games and one shots for birthdays and special occasions. I currently own a table top game store with my husband, where I run three games a week, plus I run short one-hour sessions for children on Outschool, an online platform for homeschooling. All in total I run around 24 sessions a week. I occasionally also run how to play and how to DM classes, both in store and online. Prior to becoming a professional DM, I taught grade school for over 25 years.

GM style

I run games that are all inclusive. All of my sessions are new player friendly. I encourage creativeness and thinking outside of the box (Rule of Cool), but am also capable of handling those who wish to remain inside the box (Rules as Written). For the best play experience, I focus on storytelling and I tailor all of my games to the wishes of my players, whether that be combat, puzzles, story, or any combination that the group wishes to focus on. I usually run sandbox games where players can decide what they want to do in the game. All of my games are beginner friendly. Here are the games I currently have available to run right away. I can also run any Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure but would need prep time. 1. Spelljammer 2. Curse of Strahd 3. Icewind Dale Rime of the frost maiden 4. Waterdeep Dragón heist 5. Pokémon Indigo league 6. Tomb of annihilation 7. Tales from the yawning portal 8. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight 9. Ghosts of the Saltmarsh 10. Animal adventures- play D&D as an awakened animal 11. Lost mine of Phandelver/ Dragons of Ice Spire Peak 12. The Star Tide- a 12 part adventure from Dudgeon in a box 13. The Misty Land - a D&D 5e parody of Florida's tourist destinations 14. A very D&D Christmas- save Santa from the evil elves 15. A very D&D Halloween- fight the great pumpkin and it's minions 16. A very D&D Thanksgiving- Chef Goblin Ramsey has unleashed food foes 17. Horde of the Dragon Queen/ Rise of Tiamat 18. Strixhaven Curriculum of Chaos 19. My Little Pony Tales of Equestria 20. Avatar Legends I can also create homebrew adventures for your group to play in.

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