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Come, be whisked away on an epic adventure that will stretch the limits of your imagination! I create custom worlds for my players, tailored to the 5th Edition D&D characters that they build. Developing emerging narratives collaboratively, participants are engaged throughout fast paced game play that feels "cinematic" and resolves, often with cliff hangers, every session.

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Feel the rush of excitement as your mind expands to contain whole universes! When you play with DMingHadley, you're getting a narrative experience that will stick with you long after the game has finished. With a "cinematic" quality to his games (as many players have described it) you feel like you're the hero of the story, and not just some errant adventurer ham-fisted into a world where they don't belong. You'll meet charming and terrifying characters along the way and see, with your mind's eye, the richness of each world in kind. Come ... Be whisked away ...

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