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About me

I am an old grognard who first learned D&D from the Greyhawk supplement. I played AD&D with a group from school in a basement from 1978 to 1981 just like those kids in Stranger Things. Later I played 2nd ed, and many other TTRPGs, but came back to D&D for 5e. I love the possibilities of the virtual tabletop.I try to bring my old school DM style to the 5e material and people from all ages and all over the world. I also really love teaching people to play 5e D&D and Roll20. I have run over 600 sessions as a professional Dungeon Master and completed 10 long term campaigns (up to level 20!) in the last 3 years with over 250 players.

GM style

My goal is to provide a full spectrum D&D experience, with equal parts mystery, exploration, combat, and roleplaying. I will provide a spirit of Original D&D while also adhering by the standard ruleset and official 5e sources. I am a world builder and a referee. I build a unique world for your characters to inhabit, but I do use official WOTC source so as to ensure a "standard" D&D environment against which players can pit themselves with the expectation that 5e rules are followed fairly for all. I do try to measure all rulings against the "rule of cool" and "rule of flow" but I will not knowingly rewrite the standard rules. I care about your character's development. I will build a world which amplifies your character's story arc over time. If you wish to build an elaborate backstory, I will take cues from that to incorporate into our campaign. But it is just fine to begin with no backstory, and allow the gameplay to reveal details that you may not have even considered before. After the stodgy Cleric makes an amazing Acrobatics skill check, he turns to the party and says, "Ahem, yes, didn't I mention? I performed in a circus for a time in my youth." Ultimately we are working together to build a narrative that could not have existed without the player and DM reciprocating in the creative contributions. So don't hesitate to message me about your hopes and goals for your character!


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