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About me

Guiding adventurers to (mis)fortune and empowering my players to be their very best selves is what I'm all about. Table top games have always been a part of my life, but often found myself feeling restricted by their mechanics and monologing while accusing Miss Scarlet just never seemed right. Then I found what I was looking for within the TTRPG genre. I've played many rule sets, but the one that sits best with me, for all its flaws, is 5th edition D&D. Within it's mechanics and restrictions I find a certain freedom that allows me to pick and chose what I feel most suits my players and scenario. Let's tell a story together, be it short or long, that we'll cherish for years to come.

GM style

Empowering players to bring their characters to life. And the more you incorporate some life into your character the more I can too. I like to bring energy to each scene and NPC, that means silly voices, humour and emotion wherever I can. Combats a blast and I love hearing descriptions of your attacks so feel free to share all the gory details as you finish off that final goblin or better yet, what made you miss dealing that killing blow? The rule of cool will always have a place at my table. If you don't see an adventure you'd like to play on my page don't hesitate to message me any enquiries into custom one shots or campaigns.


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