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Rekindle the exciting sense of adventure and exploration you had years ago or role-play for the first time and learn what makes Dungeons & Dragons so incredibly FUN! I'm a lifelong game master, RPG designer, and publisher and I've been running D&D games for a long time. Stepping into a fantasy world is fun and exciting and a great way to make long-lasting friendships. Join my games and experience a safe, friendly, fair, and well-structured playing environment for everyone.

GM style

Fun is the #1 priority. It's my job to guide and help mold your shared stories. Whether it's exploring ancient ruins, delving into the deep dungeons of an archmage, or experiencing the sights and sounds of a vibrant city, my games emphasize epic encounters and living, growing NPCs. I love doing voices, both serious and silly, and combined with mood music, special FX, and a massive amount of custom content, I guarantee every game at my table will be special. I lead well-organized games with balanced levels of discovery, intrigue, roleplaying, and combat. The play focuses on cooperation, ingenuity, and active participation in changing the world in which your heroes live. Experience in my games can be earned both traditionally by seeing your enemies driven before you, or by completing quests and milestone events. Tabletop games have a lot of dice. They are fun to roll, but the dice are merely tools. I won't let a dice roll ruin the fun. However, some of the best games have that critical hit or miss - therein lies some of the best memories! Over the years, I've run many different types of games, and I can customize a game to meet your needs: ⭐️ Multi-session campaigns for a group of friends. ⭐️ Small more personal adventures for only a few or 1 player. ⭐️ I host a weekly game at a local game store in beautiful NW AR. ⭐️ I patiently teach D&D using a "Learn As You Play" method. ⭐️ Experienced Players & DMs can join and craft stories with me. My games allow players to join at any time. Create your character during one of my custom-guided Session-0s and then join a game, or join a campaign already in progress. My groups are super welcoming and will get you into action immediately. You may also contact me here on StartPlaying, and I'll be happy to set up a game for you and your friends or family, birthday parties, or corporate events. "I raise a mug of ale to you, brave traveler... For gold or glory, adventure awaits. May your sword strike true and your courage never fail you!"

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