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About me

Hello!!!!! Thanks for considering me as your GM! A little about myself. Ive got over 20 years on and off of experience GMing and 2.5 years as a Professional GM. I run 9 games a week as well as a stream on Twitch, Youtube and Spotify on the channel Adventure Highway. This is what I do full time.. Running games full time gives me the chance to cultivate your immersive experience. My campaigns are run through a focus group before you even touch it. Once the campaigns gets to the players I am the beneficiary of the players choices so that i can tweak the campaigns slightly for your benefit so you get the experience that benefits from many experiences. I create a "Sandbox" format in my games using random encounter tables, dynamic NPC's, and immersive story building. This also makes my games unique to your party's choices! My campaigns also give you access to role-play between sessions with other players, access between sessions to work with me on your character development, and an exciting memorable experience! Send me a message if you have any questions about my games, I'd love to answer. Talk to you soon, DM Blake Komar

GM style

I love to be able to provide an opportunity for players to express themselves in a safe environment. Its gratifying to be apart of and spark players creativity. Theirs a personal growth for all involved when we get to creatively express together. I enjoy the bond that develops with players through role-play, problem solving, and the chance to effect the world they're inhabiting.

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