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About me

Greetings folks! My name is Bee. I first dipped my toes into TTRPGs after playing board games for many years. I've loved reading and playing video games for almost my entire life, but there was always something missing for me. I had heard people talk about D&D and had even been invited to a couple games, but invariably my nervousness would get the best of me and I'd back out. That is until Roll20!! There was something about the idea of playing online that made me less afraid of talking to people. On a whim, I decided to jump in head first and DM a game of Lost Mines of Phandelver and I have been hooked on TTRPGs ever since - particularly GMing. I absolutely love being able to create a story with my players. There's something about the collaborative nature of role playing games that is a type of magic that can't be captured elsewhere. No matter how much planning or prepping you do as the GM, your players will always find another solution. Being forced to think on your feet and figure out where the story goes next is always thrilling to me. I've made so many great friends and connections through TTRPGs and I hope to be able to have the honor of GMing for more amazing folks looking to get lost in fantasy together!

GM style

Roleplay is the main draw for me! Don't get me wrong, combat (especially challenging combat!) is essential as well, but good roleplaying and offering lots of opportunities to explore and get involved in the world really brings a game from "good" to "great" in my opinion. I love letting the players be the main driving force of the game; railroading just isn't in my nature. If my hooks aren't being bitten, it just means I need to offer different hooks! Getting to work character's backstories into the overarching story and giving everyone a chance to have their "moment" is so rewarding to me as a DM. There's just something inherently magical about creating a story with a group. Planning and prepping for a session is great, but having to improv when the party does something completely unanticipated is just as fun. TTRPGs are first and foremost a collaborative storytelling game, and one of my favorite things is to see how differently the story I had prepared actually plays out when put in front of my adventurers!

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