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About me

Avid player and devoted DM. I love to write stories that bring people together. As a player, I recognize that when the party succeeds, I succeed and everyone should get an opportunity to be in the spotlight. As a DM, I enjoy challenge my players to work smarter, not harder.

GM style

Strong roleplayers will be the star of the show with me. I encourage you to try new things when you are a player in my game! Experiment with a voice! Give your character a narratively interesting flaw! Try a class you've never played! I am very partial to the idea of the pen being mightier than the sword, and a quick wit will often save your skin. If you are the more of a "stab first, ask questions later" type of player, be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. The thing I enjoy most about DMing is the ability to create a world that is intractable, have fun with unique NPC voices and personalities, and coming up with new homebrew stuff for my players to experience. My goal as a DM is to allow for the veteran player that has been around for their fair share of campaigns and the new player that just picked up a copy of the Player's Handbook to both sit down at the same "table" and feel like they're experiencing something new. I take pride in creating all my 1-shots and campaigns myself. You won't find me running Curse of Strahd or any other "boxed adventures" any time soon! I want my games to be a place for newcomers and experienced players alike, everyone is welcome here.

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