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About me

My name is Dan M. I've been DM-ing TTRPGs since 2014 and have always felt TOO many DMs play D&D too much like it were a linear video game. While I do enjoy combat in D&D, the whole experience is one filled with choice and consequence and I believe as an actor myself, roleplay is an integral part of that experience. If you are scared to roleplay, do not worry! It takes practice, and I will help you learn! You certainly don't have to be an actor to get good at it! Good roleplay is my favorite part of D&D and my main focus when running games. If you want a game run like its a movie that YOU get to play in, I, DM the DM will take you there! I am most familiar with D&D 5e, but am willing to run other systems if players have a desire to do so!

GM style

I love to roleplay! I like combat as much as the next guy, but roleplaying is where TTRPGs really get to shine because it provides a way to really connect with your character and the world they are in!

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