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About me

Hi, I'm Sara from Cape Town, South Africa and I'd love to play some RPGs with you. I began my TTRPG adventure by running the AGE system for some friends at the start of 2020, and then adding D&D 5e, Blades in The Dark and Numenera to my wheelhouse, with most of my games now being run in D&D 5e. Running games in a variety of systems has given me a larger number of tools to draw from when playing. I love learning new techniques and adding them to my DM-style if they make the game better for my players. Growing up in a country with 11 official languages and all of the many cultures those represent, living on a disabling side of the hypermobility spectrum, and having a background in education (10-13 year olds) has given me an appreciation for providing accessibility options and embracing diversity at my table.

GM style

I love the collaborative nature of role-playing games, and so I embrace improvisation and saying yes to my players whenever possible. I encourage you to reflavour your character's abilities to suit your backstory and describe your actions in combat, or how a nat 1 or 20 for your character would resolve. I enjoy tying characters to the story we are playing out. My favourite sessions have a mix of stress sweating and laughing. I enjoy teaching new players, and have run games for second language English speakers. The roleplay arm of the game can be as important as you like it as I am happy to move between first and third person interactions. When it comes to combat I am happy to run it as tactically as suits the table, and have used the various optional rules to satisfy those that lean more towards war-gaming. There are tables that want to overcome deadly encounters, and there are those that want to feel like heroes, I am happy to provide you with either experience. I run a free session 0 before the start of any campaign where we all discuss our expectations, build characters and set up boundaries. I run my encounters through TaleSpire, and I have the Master Tier subscription on DnD Beyond, which will provide you with some of the Wizards of the Coast materials for character creation. My table is anti-racist, anti-sexist and LGBTQA+ friendly.

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