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About me

Hey, friends! I've been a nerdy D&D enthusiast for almost 3 decades, since I forced my poor parents and younger brother to play this new game called Dungeons&Dragons. The funny dice, the voices and imagining a whole new world of possibilities. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have been a forever GM by choice, as I love to be in the position to help others have fun and to have a creative outlet. For me, playing RPGs, laughing and making new friends go hand in hand. Oh, and snacks too! All my games are inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. There is a zero tolerance policy towards the intolerant.

GM style

My style is all about variety and keeping things fresh. My ideal session is one where the players have to fight something, negotiate with someone and figure something out. Variety in pacing is also important in my games. If things have been looking grim for a while, I try to facilitate the players moving to scenes that are more light-hearted and vice-versa. Changing rules to help players make their ideal character is not a problem, as long it is not to break the game by being the most OP character at the table. But, if you just want to change things to try some fun combos or to match your concept, then I got you covered I have Buddha's level of patience to help new players, as I love to teach about my favorite hobby. For veterans I bring lots of new material from either 3rd party resources or my own creations. I love players who bring the following to the game and I will help make these things happen: ✨ Shenanigans (we are here to have fun) ✨ Stunts (did anyone say jump from the chandelier?) ✨ Trick/lie/negotiate with NPCs (please make me act like a fool) ✨ Roleplay a flaw (acting against your best interest? have an inspiration!) ✨ Roleplay with other players (I need time to snack)


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