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About me

IT Tech by day...nerd by night! Welcome, fellow adventurers and storytellers! I'm Mara your friendly neighborhood Game Master (GM). I've been playing TTRPGs for 10 years and GMing for 6 of those. Picture me as that friend who always has a story up their sleeve and loves nothing more than sharing it around a table full of eager listeners, with a pile of dice just waiting to roll. Here's What I Love Doing: Spinning Yarns: Every game night is a party, and every session is a story that's never been told before. It's all about the laughs, the gasps, and those unforgettable "no way!" moments we'll talk about for years. Rule Wizardry: I've got the rulebooks practically memorized, but hey, rules are more like guidelines, right? If you've got a crazy idea, I'm all ears—let's make it work and have a blast! World Crafting: From haunted castles to star-studded galaxies, I create places where our imaginations can run wild. It's like building our very own theme park, where every ride is an adventure you help create. Team Cheerleader: My table's all about high fives, cheers, and making everyone feel like the hero of their own story. We're all about creating a space where everyone can shine and share in the glory. Master of Improv: Got a wild idea mid-game? Throw it at me! I love the challenge of weaving your spontaneous ideas into our tale, making our story richer and way more fun. Let's Roll the Dice Together: Ready for an adventure where you can be the Out ehero, the villain, or anything in between? Grab your dice, bring your imagination, and let's dive into a world of endless possibilities, laughter, and fun. Here's to creating stories that we'll reminisce about with a smile for ages to come. Let the adventure begin! Join our discord server to learn more about our games or just to hang out with our community!!!!!

GM style

My Mission: To me, being a GM is about creating joy, one game night at a time. I've journeyed through countless realms, battled alongside heroes, and faced down monsters—all from the comfort of our gaming table. My toolkit is packed with enthusiasm, a knack for storytelling, and a mission to make every session the highlight of your week. What I Bring to the Table: A Library of Adventures: I'm versed in many RPG systems, ready to tailor our adventures to what excites you the most. Epic Narrator: I bring our adventures to life with vivid descriptions, memorable characters, and a dash of dramatic flair. Guardian of the Game: I balance the scales of challenge and fun, ensuring that every player feels like a hero in their own right. Friendship Forger: I love seeing new friendships form over shared adventures, turning game night into a gathering of close friends.

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