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Kronisius (Kevin B.)

3 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, World Builder

About me

I am a forever GM/DM and just now found out about paid GM/DM 'jobs' and thought, everyone I have ever played with enjoyed my games. I have been a GM/DM since '94, back in the last century. I have run a multitude of systems everything from low fantasy, grimdark up to High-Sci-fi. Systems: Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: - 1st edition was my first book I have ever purchased that was an RPG. I still have this book. It is what started my fascination with being a DM. (Haven't ran it since 2001) - 2nd edition I really dived head first into. I fell in love with how the magic worked. How the world setting was diverse and dangerous. I ran this edition through my college years. I have had a lot of fond memories with this edition. - 3rd edition (yes the hated one) I loved this edition. The dice mechanics really played well into the storytelling aspects. The sheer amount of stuff was really fun to play with. However, it did tend to bog some elements down and clunkified (New word I know) the encounters. I would like to run it some more. - 4th edition is the current rendition of WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Role Play) and is a lot of fun. They have simplified a lot of the die rolling and brought in "success levels" to create tension and story with all your rolled actions. I have had many players enjoy this system and storytelling. RIFTS: Rifts was the second system I have gotten into. I loved the mixture of adventure and future tech while running around trying not to get vaporized. The Sheer amount of 'stuff' in Rifts is hard to go over in a few sentences but it is really fun and super enjoyable if you like games that are difficult and can result in death at any time! Since there is really only "one" edition but many....many world books and supplements (aside from Savage worlds)Rifts has a continuous world setting including fantasy, sci-fi and space adventures. If you can get past the incredibly robust system I believe you will have a ton of fun playing it. DND: Honestly, I didn't really get into DnD until I got into college. I know its the thing now but I see it more like a 'gateway' RPG. Its quick and easy to learn and the system plays heavily on letting the players be significantly more powerful than the rest. It has a lot of RP possibilities and the system is easy to understand but I feel that it is for those new to TTRPGs. It can still be fun and I believe that the modules supply really good stories. Those are the main systems I have run and had a lot of fun with. I like to tell stories with my players. We are working together to push the plots, uncover the villains and get into many bar fights!

GM style

I run very open-world sandbox-style campaigns. I am open to the characters following any bread crumbs they find interesting. I enjoy allowing the players to immerse themselves in the worlds we create. I like to let the dice tell the tale, your actions and choices and your luck will determine how things go. I reward cleverness, however, I do not allow cheese-dickory. I enjoy helping people create their characters and stories, TTRPGs are stories that involve all players and the GM. If you have an idea about something that is cool or interesting I will usually let you roll for it. I am not into modules that much since most people who play have played a module or two before and can ruin it for those who haven't. So when I run a module I like to mix it up, try to alter the story to keep even those who have run it a hundred times getting something new out of it.


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