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Juan Esteban Laval

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Juan Esteban Laval

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About me

Hey guys. I've been enjoying this hobby for about 6 years now, and delved not only in playing, but also in painting a f*ckton of miniatures. I've enjoyed time as a player as well as a DM, but recently I've become the "forever DM" of my groups, and I've decided to fully embrace it. If you want nothing but a good time and a DM that isn't actively selling his soul to Vecna to get a massive power complex and try to screw with his players, you're more than welcome at my table. (you get a free inspiration if you can pronounce my name)

GM style

I've played with wargamers and drama enthusiasts, everyone brings something different to the table. If you can play a character in a way that convinces me, I'll love it, just as I'll love to be outsmarted in combat encounters. Also, I love some good banter and to tease my players and make them face the consecuences of their (at times) idiotic choices and actions, but the focus is on the players and their experience, not that of the DM, so I'm REALLY not into the whole DM vs Players mindser, I'd rather make sure you have a fun, engaging and demanding experience than rub my hands behind the DM screen while I laugh at your failings.

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