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About me

I've run games for adults. I've run games for kids. I've run games for newbies. I've run games for experienced players. I've run games for just about everyone! Whether it's a group of new players who can't wait to nail their first nat 20, a pack of grizzled grognards clutching their old "red box" editions of 1E, or a mix of the two, I love helping people make-believe, have some fun, and escape reality for a while. I do my level best to make everyone feel like they're tossing dice at my dining room table. All are welcome! Join one of my existing games, or contact me to curate an experience for your gaming group.

GM style

I really get into it. I promise that once you've done a campaign with me, you'll have NPCs that you carry with you forever. "I wonder how Glop the River Troll is doing these days," might cross your mind someday long down the road. I love free-form improvisation, laughter, problem-solving, adventure-seeking, and watching players triumph over the impossible...or seemingly so. I strive to strike a good balance between the fundamentals of roleplaying, discovery, and combat. They each have their place and compliment one another if balanced. Of course, if players lean a little more one way or another, it's my job to make sure they have a good time. If you want to come to the table with a thoughtfully executed character, feel free. If you have a vague concept and want me to curate something for you, that's no problem either. If you want to work with me to get your character "just right" there's always that option too. Nuts and bolts, I run through Discord. I use Dungeonfog maps that players can access, view, and manipulate (their tokens). Expect immersive sound, full fog of war/dynamically lit maps, and some darned good storytelling.

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