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About me

I began playing Tabletop RPGs in the late 80s when my uncle gave me my first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2E) Books, Campaign & dice set for Christmas. We grabbed some paper and a pencil rolled up my characters and never looked back. 5 years later I was running my first Dungeons and Dragons Games with friends and have been DMing ever since. I have run multiple systems (2e, 3.5 & 5; Old World of Darkness, Star Wars D20, Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy and have access to others that I have bought as they looked like a fun investment of time). In terms of games I have run premade modules as well as hombrewed my own. I am currently building my own world and have 2 different groups running in that. I enjoy running worlds that span from fantasy-horror, low-high tech but I find my favorites are the ones that fall in the middle where anything is possible. I also favor High-Role Play where the Rule of Cool tends to allow for some interesting events to happen and that are inclusive for all players.

GM style

I love high roleplay games where I can incorporate character backgrounds into the overall Story & help build the world that they are set in. I always try to take the approach of 'how can we work this in' as opposed to saying no outright as I believe in the end the game is meant to be fun and I find that having my players invested and playing what they want to allows for more immersion in the game. I try to provide a good mix of Role Play and Combat, and multiple options to get through any situation where all actions will have a consequence (good or bad depending on what happens). I also try to bring my NPCs to life, giving them personalities and a voice of their own to the best of my abilities.


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