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About me

An unforgettable adventure awaits! Delve into an experience that will leave you waiting and wanting for next session, with a seasoned Game Master that will work with you for a comprehensive and dedicated approach! With professional decorum, creative and collaborative storytelling, and a fun loving attitude, I am sure I can provide you with stories and memories that will live on forever in your heart and mind.

GM style

With over a decade of continued and active experience, I aim to bring you the utmost in immersion and collaborative storytelling within the games we play. Using a combination of digital tools, open resources, consistent communication, and imaginative narration, I look to bring you into another world - one that you and I grow together. Balancing the pillars of a great adventure is important to me, and a healthy mix of roleplaying, combat, and exploration will be present in all games I host. I also look to keep sessions within the desired range of a group, so if one of these pillars is something you find more engaging than others, I will work to implement it more substantially toward your wants and needs. Why choose me as a DM? I am passionate about the craft and bringing joy to those who join me for a unique and friendly journey. I value your time, appreciate your passion as a player, and am so very grateful for your participation in something that means so much to me. Are you a new player to Dungeons and Dragons? Look no further! I am always up for "on-boarding" those who are looking to get into the beautiful and engaging hobby that is Tabletop Roleplaying. I have all the resources and tools you need, and if you join my table, I will be happy to guide you through all you need to know in order to enjoy the game to its fullest potential! Are you a returning or veteran player? Great! I play by the "rule of cool", and am keen on narrative exploration, backstory integration, and homebrew elements that give more "spice" to the game's systems. Though the rules are followed, they are not a guaranteed stopping point, and can be bent to allow the best experience possible to all involved! In closing, I would love to get to know you and run an epic game for you! Your experience matters to me, and I hope to kindle the fire of excitement in your imagination each and every week! See you there, adventurer!

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