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Brian Germain

Professional Game Master
Brian Germainhe/him

Player for
39 years
GM for
35 years
Hosted over
1 game

About me

I've been an artist for 45 years, a writer for about 20 and a Roleplayer in some capacity or another for about 39. I like to write and draw comic books, paint miniatures, write D&D materials (campaigns/modules/supplements). I have a Patreon page as well as several Discord servers. I also have Roll20 Pro account. I have played and Game Mastered literally hundreds of sessions for Shadowrun, TMNT, Robotech, Vampire/Werewolf/Mage etc., Marvel Superheroes, (a couple Sessions of DC Heroes and Star Wars), Top Secret, Twilight 2000, Gamma world, Top Secret, Ninja's and Superspies, as well as D&D Basic through Expert, AD&D 1st and 2nd ed., and D&D 5e

GM style

I love to have my players be challenged I also love for my players to help set the tone for the gameplay, most of my groups are fairly laid back and I love all types of groups. Role-playing heavy or laissez faire are both fine with me. But rules lawyers are just ok, I will negotiate and discuss rules sometimes but those things are better discussed between games. I believe it also needs to be known that I think the most paramount rule in Dungeons and Dragons (or nearly any RPG) is that the DM is always the final arbiter of the rules and the rules are meant to be "guidelines".


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