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About me

Welcome adventurers. I am Dimos, the Dungeon Master of Liebdorf, my homebrew adventuring world. D&D has been a part of my life since a young age, and I wrote fantasy stories (and later adventures) from an even younger age. Liebdorf started as an uncharted world in my first games as a Dungeon Master and evolved into a living breathing world with the constant interactions and inputs of my players, as well as my constant writing about it. Liebdorf's adventures consist of a variety of role-playing, tactical battles, and vast exploration. Its founding steps are eternal character-building and evolvement, worldbuilding, lore design, and my fascination with tying everything together. My love of this game continues to grow by the minute, and I would love to introduce all of you to Liebdorf, as well as test your creativity and enthusiasm by transforming myself into your Dungeon Master. The world of Liebdorf awaits you, so prepare your dice and get ready for some unforgettable sessions.

GM style

My DM style centers around character development and role-play. In my mind, D&D is a shared storytelling experience and I want to incorporate as much of the player's story as possible. I voice my NPCs and monsters to make them feel unique and I give space to the players to role-play their characters, always encouraging the fun ways of games. My theme/tone of the game depends on the group, but I consider high-fantasy to be my default setting. My games take place in my homebrew world, meaning that your actions may affect other players too. Finally, I must say that I use the Theater of the Mind technique most of the time but expect the occasional maps for your great combat. Wait no further, prepare your dice, and immerse yourself in my storytelling.


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