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Leo Diceman

2 years on StartPlaying

About me

I started playing pathfinder in college and after a few long running games came to an end, it was my turn to run, and I have been running since. I am a writer and usually, my games take on a more personal nature; I tend to tailor my games based on players and their enjoyment levels to deliver a more dynamic story. As a person, I enjoy character growth and never shy away from new players (or people for that matter) or teaching people new things. I and very passionate about gaming, video or otherwise and i constantly try new games and things to keep myself entertained. I am confidant and individualistic as a person, and promote individuality with my friends, family, and players. I live with my two partners, whom I cherish, and occasionally stream to twitch and youtube. My DnD stat sheet in real life: Human Warlock (Pact of the blade) Str : 15 Dex : 12 Con : 16 Int : 19 Wis : 8 Cha : 20

GM style

I focus on Role play and story. Many of my games allow 3rd party content and home brew options. My combats usually pit the party against a "reasonable challenge" while several options to even the playing field and I am very versatile and allow my players plans to work (although usually not without a hitch). I am focused mostly on the fun of the game and the excitement the players get from adventuring, campaigns from me will have a more of a personal touch. While I do enjoy the big numbers like most players, I mostly prioritize all my players having fun. I consider the rules of the game to be a guide, not a law. I have experience running the following systems: Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 and 5th edition) Legend of the Five Rings (5th ed from fantasy flights Studios) Old World of Darkness (all books) And my favorite TTRPG system, Pathfinder (first ed) and I am open to playing different systems of games than just those listed here.


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