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James (@DiceToInfinity)

2 years on StartPlaying

33 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Inclusive, Storytelling

About me

Tabletop mercenary and hired diceslinger. You need a BBEG to chase? A dungeon to delve? I'm your guy. Dad jokes? I got 'em. Spooky settings, Oh, yes. You want an easy time of it? Keep walking. You may be playing in one long shaggy dog story with a corny pun at the end, but failure and death are always an option. 🔘 Weird and wild settings 🏰 🔘Wacky NPCs 🤡 🔘Incredible combat ⚔️ 🔘Unnerving horror ☠️

GM style

I focus on setting immersive scenes evoking all of the senses. I was raised as a storyteller with a penchant for spooky stuff without ever realizing it. There were many nights around campfires hearing some pretty intense tales. Don't worry, though, my tables are primarily safe and inclusive. We use safety tools and care for each other through the telling. Roleplay: TTRPGs are the only game where you can get fully open ended RP amongst characters and NPCs, so my goal is to make the RP portions memorable. I have some good character voices, but a little ADHD so they may not always be the same. My NPCs usually have weird personalities and wild backstories, even the bad guys. Maybe the BBEG collects cute ceramic figures and has paintings of his mum on the wall. It's not my problem if that makes players hesitate on the coup de grace. Combat: True chaotic balance. The rules are crunchy peanut butter, but the narrative is sweet creamy chocolate. If you wait for your turn and feel like the only thing you can say is "I hit it again", I have failed. Combat is not a break from the story and RP, just a different environment. Check out the TTRPG Collective Youtube for some examples of my GMing


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