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About me

Hi All! Game Master Kylie Rose here, lore keeper and creator of Sempervirēn Untold, a Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign/world that I have been developing for the past couple of years, and Streets of Nevermore, a campaign built around the Illuminated World System that is used in the TTRPG Candela Obscura. I am thrilled to bring YOU, the players, into this fantastical world to decide the fate and future of all those who inhabit it but more on Sempervirēn later as you might be thinking to yourself at this point who the heck is this Kylie Rose person… First and foremost, I started as a player with D&D 5e and what that has given me is a perspective on what I want to bring to my players. I absolutely LOVE it when players build in-depth backstories and want to weave them into the story world. I am HERE for it. So, let that imagination run wild, let your inner child free and I will be here to support you along the way to making your goals for your character come to life within my campaigns. As your GM, I know how valuable everyone’s time is and that you are trusting me to deliver a memorable experience. I do not take that responsibility lightly. With that said, I want to share what you can expect when joining one of the many Dicescape Campaigns: WHAT TO EXPECT - Every Session 0, for any of the campaigns I host, will ALWAYS be free. Everyone has expectations and what they hope to get out of a TTRPG campaign so Session 0 is a great way to make sure the campaign is a good fit for everyone. We all have play styles we enjoy so let's make sure this experience will work for all in the group. - A safe and inclusive space for everyone. I do not tolerate bullies or making others uncomfortable. We are here to have fun, tell stories, and escape from reality for a bit. Everyone deserves that opportunity and feels safe doing so. - Rules…yes they are important, but if you can pitch me an idea that might bend the rules or it adds some flavor to the narrative I am here for it! I am not here to be the rule police and ruin a fun/memorable moment because the DMG said otherwise. So, if you have an idea or want to try something never be afraid to ask. I LOVE when players think outside the box and want to try unique things. It fills my GM heart with joy! - A player-focused story. Yes, I have built the world of Sempervirēn, but I want the character you created to forge where things will inevitably go. More on that later. - Doing my homework. I know every GM has their own method of approaching each session, but know that I spend time each week planning various elements of the story, battle maps, world maps, etc. You are investing in me to deliver and know that behind the scenes I am planning to make sure I give you a world-class TTRPG experience. I am sure there are some things I am missing but those are some of the base expectations for what to expect in Session 0 and what you can expect from me as your GM. We will go into more details as we kick off the campaign. Finally, I believe we are ALL inherently storytellers, and being able to bring players into the world of Sempervirēn to weave their own stories excites me as a GM. I make a point to spend 1 on 1 time with each of my players to discuss your character’s backstory and what they hope to accomplish during their time in the campaign. Each player that joins will have a 1 on 1 session with me after Session 0 to discuss their backstory so I can begin doing my homework to weave it into the campaign. If you have a backstory already figured out before Session 0 send it my way and I will start planning based on what you send. It has been something I have been doing with the current campaign I am running and my players have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity. So, let's start planning! If you have made it to this point I hope to see you join one of my campaigns. I have a background in screenwriting/creative writing and have done voice-over work amongst other things so know that I will be working hard to deliver an experience you will not forget. Happy gaming and I hope to see you become part of Sempervirēn Untold. -GM Kylie Rose <3

GM style

Now, let us dive into gameplay styles. My campaigns are roleplay heavy. Yes, there will be a good mix of combat/tactics, puzzles, and exploration, but be ready to embrace your character during the session. I know TTRPGs can be a cathartic experience and an extremely vulnerable one. I encourage each of my players to let loose and let that inner child out to play for a few hours each week. It is worth it! However, the overall goal of gameplay is to make sure that no matter what is happening everyone feels involved and is contributing to where the story is going. You can expect a variety of character voices, dynamic soundscapes, and a mixture of maps, and still images paired with theatre of the mind to set the scene. Immersion is a priority and I work hard to deliver that every step of the way.


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